HHH: Business Post Race

HHH: Business Post Race

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Over 26,000 people including more than 12,000 riders filled the Wichita Falls area for the four-day event filled weekend of the Hotter N Hell Hundred. While some businesses said that they did not see the financial returns they had hoped for one company was able to go on camera with Newschannel 6 saying that the weekend was a financial success. 

"From last year we tripled our sales which is a good thing," said Mark Pinson of Endurance House of Wichita Falls.

The whole idea of the events like the 'Consumer Show' is to get rid of inventory and to spread his name to future riders who might return next year. Endurance House, just like other local sports businesses, was competing against some of the biggest names in the bike business.  

"More of us just making a name for ourselves letting everybody know we can compete with some of the bigger companies in terms of inventory and sales," said Pinson. 

As they continue to unload boxes from the previous weekend Pinson realizes he may have ordered too much and said the company will have another sale in the days to come. Pinson said he hopes to thin out all inventory for before the new year begins. Next year he plans to rent more booth space for the consumer show in hopes he'll have an easier time making sales and getting rid of products. 

"I think the booth space. We have to get us a bigger booth so we can spread out and it's always important to have your brand set up correctly so you get more exposure for the higher seller so every year, it is a learning experience," said Pinson. 

Endurance House said they have already planned to rent out more both space for next years show in August 2017.