Selling Schools: Century old schools go up for sale

Selling Schools: Century old schools go up for sale

WICHITA FALLS, TX - For an entire century two schools in Wichita Falls saw thousands of students walk the halls.

That is soon about to change.

Wichita Falls ISD made the decision to put Alamo and A.E. Holland schools on the market, and on Thursday, the buildings will begin a new path.

"Rather than just having a vacant building there we feel like there are people in our community that could utilize that facility," said Ashley Thomas, Communication Officer for WFISD.

Thomas said the district decided that the schools just do not fit with the new learnings of modern education.

"It's difficult to equip it with the things that we need for today's students such as technology," Thomas said.   "Certain technology needs needed for every student at that campus which is not good for student learning at all."

The purchase comes with regulations.  One of those regulations is that the building cannot be demolished.

"It's a historical part of our community," said Thomas.  "And those buildings they just don't make them like that anymore.  Rather than tearing them down we wanted them to be re purposed for another use."

This is not the first school that has done this.  A few years ago the Austin school was repurposed to create Loft apartments.

Thomas also said the decision to preserve the building is to hold onto the memories.

"People that did go to school there will still be able to see the building," said Thomas.  "It's still there and still have that attachment to that school rather than it just being demolished and having land there."