Trash left after HHH is claimed

Trash left after HHH is claimed

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - A trail of trash left on the Triple H track near FM 1177 that had many Texomans concerned has been claimed.
Ashlynn Grimes, a ten-year-old girl, said handing out water bottles by her home to riders is a tradition she has been doing for three years.

On an average day, FM 1177 is just another road with homes and some land.
However, once a year in the heat of the summer, it becomes a part of the Triple H Track.

While many riders are preparing for the big event, so is Grimes.
She saves her allowance to buy cases and cases of water to hand out during the race.
     "It's really fun giving the riders high-fives because I'm supporting them. I am helping the community, and I want to push them and help them make it to the gate," said Grimes.
This year, she bought 18 cases of water.

Grimes said she planned on picking up the discarded bottles, but she was too late.
     "Well last year, we had the Hotter'N Hell people.  They would come out and pick the trash up, and we would help them as well.  We thought the kid was a helper, a volunteer, and by the time we came out here to pick it up, it was already picked up," said Grimes.
She said her family has been picking up the trash the last few years.
Grimes said she has no problem taking responsibility for the mess.
     "It's our fault because it's our water bottles, and we have to pick them up," said Grimes.
The young girl and her family said they are sorry about the water bottles and add, this is the first year the trash has extended past their ditches.
Grimes said she will be out there next year, and she has already started saving up her money to purchase water for the riders.

As for the Red Bull cans, she said if distributors are out there next year, she will make sure that trash gets picked up, too.
One cyclist said all the Triple H riders that pass by the Grimes' house said they love her big heart and that her handing out water, smiles and high fives motivates the riders to make it to the finish line.

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