Standoff in Burkburnett: Man released after questioning of warrant

Standoff in Burkburnett: Man released after questioning of warrant

Neighbors in Burkburnett were told to stay inside Wednesday morning after police, Sheriff's Office, and SWAT team surrounded a home on Wingham Street.

Authorities say a man from North Carolina was visiting friends.  The friends then called Burkburnett Police saying their visitor had a warrant out for his arrest.
"We made contact with the resident as we pulled up," said Ed Stahr, Chief of the Burkburnett Police Department. "That resident verified the person inside was the person we were seeking.

"We did advise them of what was going on as it was going on," said Stahr.

Wichita County Sheriff, David Duke said they wanted neighbors to be ready for anything that could happen.

"Those that were outside they did comply and went back inside the house," said Duke.  "Nobody really had anything else to say about it they understood.  They saw the operation we had with the SWAT they knew it was serious.  We take it serious."

The man surrendered and came out of the home with a female after hours of negotiations.

Officers said the situation ended as they had planned.

"It was a textbook operation," said Duke.  "Everything went well and nobody was hurt. No property was damaged."

The man and women were both detained for questioning and then released.

Burkburnett officials said that he is a suspect in a murder case in North Carolina but has no active warrant.