Labor Day Travel: Law enforcement says keep distractions away

Labor Day Travel: Law enforcement says keep distractions away

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Thousands are expected to hit the roadways this weekend for Labor Day.

"Of course it being a three day holiday there's a big amount of traffic," DPS Trooper Dan Buesing said.

Trooper Buesing said drivers need to be patient and pay attention when they're behind the wheel.

"You have to be defensive in your driving of course. You may be doing everything right but the driver next to you may not," he said.

Drivers are encouraged to use rest stops, especially if they have a long drive.

"Definitely stay off your cell phones. That's a big one. If you need to do the Pokemon thing have a passenger do it for you," Labor Day traveler, Turner Schwarz said.

He and his wife are heading to Nebraska for the holiday weekend and Turner said distractions will not be an issue during the drive.

"We try to hold each other accountable when we're in the car together and make sure we're both staying off our phones," he said.

Law enforcement agencies will be out in full force this weekend looking for drunk drivers, speeders and seat belt violators.

"Those three are a bad combination when you have extra traffic on the highways," Trooper Buesing said.

So if you decide to drink this holiday do not get behind the wheel.

"If you're drinking just get an UBER, do something else. Don't drive," Schwarz said.

Safety is the top priority this Labor Day weekend.

"The main goal is to get everybody to their family and friends and then back home safely. That's our main goal and for everyone to enjoy the labor day weekend," Trooper Buesing said.

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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