How to nip symptoms from Ragweed in the bud

How to nip symptoms from Ragweed in the bud

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - As Texoma enters into the month of September, we're also entering peak Ragweed season.

Ragweed is one of the most powerful pollinating plants this time of year, producing billions of grains in a single season. The plant is known to cause everything from sinus problems to 'Hay Fever', but those suffering allergy problems from the shrub can usually find a solution to their symptoms by visiting their local pharmacist.

"We've actually already seen quiet a few people come in complaining about various symptoms, whether it be runny nose, itchy watery eyes, stuffiness, anything like that.  We're already seeing that start up," said Pharmacist Dr. Kayla Steinly.

According to Dr. Steinly, there are a wide variety of over the counter options for people looking to nip their sinus problems in the bud.
"If the symptoms are really bad and they don't feel like they have any relief with them, we can usually refer them to go check out what is going on with their doctor or they can even go in an see an allergist because some people do have allergies that are not handled by over the counter products," said Dr. Steinly.

Over at the Clinics of North Texas, Family Medicine Dr. Micah Boyer said anytime you start having fevers, chills, sinus pressure, or pain behind the forehead, it may be more than just allergies and could possibly be like a sinus infection or something much more serious. Dr. Boyer warns Texomans to address early signs and symptoms as soon as they can.

In the last 12 months, the Centers for Disease Controls reported 19.1 million adults and 6.1 million children were diagnosed with 'Hay Fever', one of the potential symptoms caused by Ragweed.