Y Minute: Performance Specialists

Y Minute: Performance Specialists

While the YMCA has a gym equipped with weights and other machines used for personal fitness, for some it's hard to figure out a way to mix them together and have a successful workout.

For those who need a little help or are looking to elevate their workout, the YMCA has performance specialists dedicated to helping you get fit while staying safe.

Specialists like Elias Aguirre.

"When you're hiring a personal trainer it's an education process, you're able to motivate yourself through a process of learning what is effective for you. And then when you know what is effective for you, then you don't have to scramble looking for other methods that are either useless or not important to your program design," said Aguirre.

Aguirre says he starts every new client off with a consultation to not only get to know them better but to learn their medical history that way he can help them get more out of their workout.

Not only does he gather information on past injuries, surgeries, chronic health conditions, and medications but also puts his clients through a fitness evaluation.

"The purpose of the fitness evaluation is to gather some components that are going to be important to their training program...which is very important for any type of training program and also to reduce injury potentials down the line," said Aguirre.

Training consists of a mix of weight and cardio workouts along with stretching for safety.

Another important aspect of a workout that people tend to skip on their own is the cool down period.

Aguirre says that knowledge is key in this area.

"Work plus rest equals success. They have to be able to regenerate and the purpose of regeneration is to teach individuals through the process of self-massage and flexibility that they can take care of their aches and pains," said Aguirre.

Aguirre trains people who are in various stages of fitness.

He says he trains youths up to senior adults and even to those need a higher level of training like those in the military and law enforcement.

Aguirre is just one of many specialists at the YMCA, to set up an appointment or for more information call (940)761-1000.