'No homework' policy getting good feedback at WFISD elementary

'No homework' policy getting good feedback at WFISD elementary

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A Wichita Falls ISD teacher has started the new school year with a new homework policy. This year her students won't have any.

"We received the notice the first week of school," mother Kristina Cross said.

Her son and his classmates in Mrs. Jamie Morgan's class at Fowler Elementary will enjoy a homework free academic year.

"It made me feel comfortable. I wasn't really scared about it because I know how much my son struggled with homework last year," Cross said.

Jamie Morgan, who has been in education for seven years wanted to offer more to her students.

"I really like this because it opens the door for meaningful interaction," Morgan said.

Morgan who is also a parent said she spent late nights with her daughter doing homework and it would cause both of them to get upset. Which is why instead of sending her students home with homework, she suggests parents fill that time with other activities.

"We either will read a book or we'll be able to sit down and just do family activities," Cross said.

That's exactly what Morgan wants.

"Kids find that so much more enjoyable than writing their spelling words 20 times each," Morgan said.

The new policy has affected the way Mrs. Morgan teaches in the classroom.

"I focus a lot on individualizing instruction so that when they go home they know what they need to work on," Morgan said.

It seems to be working.

"Overall a better attitude has come out of him. He's so much more positive about school than he was before," Cross said.

While the students will not be assigned homework, Mrs. Morgan will send home work the students do not complete throughout the day. She also encourages family activities to revolve around subjects the kids may need work on.

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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