Turmoil In Vernon: City manager resigns

Turmoil in Vernon: City manager resigns

Vernon's city manager resigned today and not everyone is happy about it. City manager Joe Jarosek resigned rather than being fired amidst accusations of incompetence by Vernon City Mayor Joe Rogers. But some city officials say this isn't about incompetence it's about a personal grudge against Jarosek.

Vernon City Commissioner Ruben Hinojosa called for the mayor's resignation at today's meeting. He says he's gotten calls from Vernon residents and that's the motion they want to take and he's going to get a petition together.

Hinojosa says he's very disappointed at Jarosek's resignation - that he did a good job and the mayor's issue with Jarosek was about a personal grudge that he couldn't get over.

Tensions ran high at today's meeting. Many residents and some city officials were angry that former city manager Joe Jarosek was resigning. Vernon Mayor Joe Rogers says the writing was on the wall and it was time for him to go. The mayor's reason - incompetence.

"There was too much controversy in our community for him to stay plus there were 3 commissioners who would have terminated him if he didn't resign."

Jarosek says he knows why he's being ousted.

"The Mayor doesn't agree that he should not be in on certain decisions such as the hiring and firing of employees.  He sees me as an obstacle to his desire to control who the personnel are in the city of Vernon."

Rogers says that's not true. He says he just wanted to be notified when Jarosek hired someone and he had to read about the hiring of a fire chief and a tourism director in the newspaper.

"I just wanted the common courtesy of notification to notify me prior to hire."

As for holding a grudge against Jarosek, Mayor Rogers says that isn't true either.

"It was all about to me performance and the performance was poor. He also played a little politics and got involved in the politics and I don't think he should have."

Mayor Rogers has been vocal in the past when discussing his feelings about what he describes as Jarosik's incompetence which Jarosek says could impact his future employment.

"I think it has significant impact. If a potential employer Googles my name and sees the negative press it will probably deter some from wanting to engage with me."

"If he gets enough signatures for me to resign I'll happily resign. I don't think that's the case though, I think I have a lot of support."

He says he thinks people appreciate his business experience and what he brings to the table.

Jarosek says in terms of employment he'll be searching for an administrative position and he has a some words of advice for the citizens of Vernon.

"Be  aware of the circumstances, be apprised of the circumstances, get involved and vote."

Mayor Rogers says he apologizes to the community for having to put them through this. He says on the other hand, they made a bad hire and they are correcting it. They're going to move forward and get the right person next time.

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