Local organization working hard to get people registered and to the polls

Local group working to get voters registered

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - With the November elections quickly approaching, that means it is time to register to vote before it's too late.
    "My message is simple," Gonzalo Robles, Owner of the Cafe Con Leche Organization, said. "Every vote counts. If we don't participate in the political process, we cannot complain."
November 8th is only two months away and the League of Women Voters Organization wants to make sure everyone is ready.
The non-partizan group gathered Wednesday afternoon to prepare to make a push getting people registered and at the poles.
Robles wants more Hispanics to turn out.
    "I believe that the Hispanic community is going to make a huge impact on the next local and general elections if they wake up and go out and vote," Robles said.
According to Robles, 39.6 percent of Texas is Hispanics and by 2020 it's expected that they are going to become the largest ethnic group in the state.
It is not just Hispanics staying home.
In November of  2012, 77 percent of Wichita County was registered.
However only 42 percent showed up on election day.
Kaye Holland, president of LWV, has all the details on how to get registered.
    "Texas does not have online registration," Holland said. "But you can make a request online. However, the voter has to fill it out, sign it, mail it, and it has to be in and received by the county clerk by the 11th."
There will be a table with voter registration cards at the Wichita Falls Public library for the rest of the month.
Holland has one message for the public.
    "We will be glad to help you get registered to vote," Holland said. "But then what are you going to have to do? You have to show up and vote."
League of Women Voters will hold three registration drives; one September 15th at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center, another September 24th at Vernon Regional and October 1st at the farmers market in downtown Wichita Falls.

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