Sold: Davenport's stays open

Sold: Davenport's stays open

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - There's good news for residents on the eastside. After months of uncertainty, store representatives say Davenport Grocery will remain open under new ownership.

"I think the store is pretty much going to remain the same. The only thing that we are lacking right now is the food stamp
machine which is supposed to be installed sometime this week."

The store had been in the Davenport family for decades. After the untimely passing of its beloved owner NaDonna Norriss in May the future of the store was up in the air causing concern among the eastside community who relies on Davenport's - the only grocery store left in their area.

"It plays an important part in the community, especially for the elderly. A lot of them are on fixed incomes and employees say the store provides a way for them to make it through the month."

Many customers we spoke with say they had no idea the new owners, Larry and Marie Nelson, had bought Davenport's in August and say they're relieved to know it is staying open.

"I didn't know - but I am glad to hear that someone decided to keep it alive. Keeps the neighborhood alive."

Patricia Perez works nearby and says she was sad when she heard the store was closing. She says her parents live next door and her family has been shopping there for years.
"It makes me feel good because it is going to be convenient for us to still keep coming here to get what we need and it's going to be good for the community because its going to help everyone in this area."
More than just a grocery store - a cherished piece of Texoma history which in these rapidly changing times will continue to serve a grateful community.
"I think it will be here as long as people keep shopping here and I don't see anybody stopping anytime soon. I think it will be here for another 90 years."

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