What a new Family Dollar means for the east side of Wichita Falls

New Family Dollar store for city's East side

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - For years, the east side of Wichita Falls has lacked retail stores, but that could be changing with a Family Dollar on the way at 7th and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.
Residents are excited, anxious and nervous.
Some are eager to not have to drive across town for their daily essentials., but a couple have doubts about what will come from the expansion, citing the area needs much more.
Henry Florsheim, President of the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce, believes this could have a huge impact on the east side of Wichita Falls.
    "It could mean that more people wanted to live there because they have access to retail and some limited groceries," Florsheim said. "A lot of that demographic has to take public transportation across town, and it takes so much time to do that. So to be able to walk or make a short drive to buy the things you need on a daily basis is a really big deal."
How could it impact the area?
Florsheim said from the retailers point of view, if one store opens up and succeeds, others will come.
Florsheim used Lawrence Road as an example.
If the Family Dollar is successful, an array of stores could follow.
    "It could be a completely different kind of business," Florsheim said. "So a company may think 'they're not my competitor, but I realize they can make money over there. So I can do something a little different than they do while they are already attracting people to that block now. Maybe I should look at moving right next to them.' That's how retail development works."
In the meantime, lots of residents are just excited to see positive economic movement in their neighborhood, something some have never seen.
Florsheim also said that it is the Chamber's job to look out the entire city.
If there's an area struggling, they are concerned and will do their best to address it because Wichita Falls is only as strong as its weakest link.

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