CDC says nasal flu vaccine ineffective

CDC says nasal flu vaccine ineffective

Many children have a fear of needles but when it comes to preventing the flu this season it seems they're going to have to tough it out.

“The CDC is no longer recommending FluMist for pediatric patients. It was only really 3% effective so not really effective at all.”

This is not good news for children like immunization charge nurse, Jenna Holden, who she says her daughter is used to getting the nasal vaccine FluMist and is scared of needles. A situation she says quite a few Texoma parents and health care professionals may have to deal with.

“I think we definitely could have a problem. I know with my own child she is going to be upset about not getting the FluMist and having to get a flu shot this year. But I think it's a risk you have to take. Getting the flu shot versus not getting anything.”

Flu season starts in October and ends in February. Healthcare experts like Gillian G. Thomas, family nurse practitioner at the Community Healthcare Center, recommend getting a flu shot two weeks before it starts. She urges everyone to get a shot yearly starting at six months of age, especially those at high risk like children and the elderly.

“I know it's going to be a change and this might only be temporary. Next year we might be back to the mist but this year it's highly recommend that everyone gets a flu shot.” 

Jenna Holden says she found out in July that the Wichita Falls Health Department wasn't going to use FluMist this year. She says it's still FDA approved just no longer recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory on Immunization Practices.

FluMist or no FluMist - healthcare professionals say getting vaccinated against influenza is non-negotiable.

"People, take this seriously. The flu can kill and we highly highly recommend everyone get a flu shot."

The Community Healthcare Center is offering affordable flu shots for patients. For more information contact them at 940-766-6306.

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