Makayla Smith made honorary football captain for Rider High School

Makayla Smith made honorary football captain for Rider High School

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The Rider High School football team had a new captain for Friday night's game.

13-year-old Makayla Smith, who was shot while walking home from school just one week ago, took the field with the Rider Raiders as the honorary captain.
There was quite a crowd at Memorial Stadium for the game, and they went wild for Makayla.

It was a touching moment to hear all the cheers, and of course to see all the purple shirts honoring the life of Lauren Landavazo, who was killed in that deadly shooting.
What is really special, is who came up with the idea to make Makayla Friday night's team captain, the Riders players.

"I think it's just their way of letting them know that the Wichita Falls family and the Rider family love her and appreciate her," said Scot Hafley, the Wichita Falls Independent School District's Athletic Director.
Hafley said he is very proud of his kids for coming up with the idea.
"I think that's the best part about it. Is that it was the kid's idea and they were able to make it happen," said Hafley.
Rodney and Shamekia Smith, Makayla's parents, agree, and said this is a great way for Makayla to get back into the normal flow of everyday life.

"I think it's going to be good for her as she emotionally starts to heal. All the positivity she can get right now is going to be good for her," said Shamekia Smith, Makayla's mother.

Makayla's parents said all the support from the community shows how great Wichita Falls is. Hafley said this city is a family.

"We take care of our own. It was a tragedy what happen, but we want Makayla to know we care about her and we're excited to see her go back to school as soon as she can," said Hafley.

The Smith family said they are so grateful for all the love and support they have received, and believe Makayla will be fine as long as she does not over exert herself.
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