Surviving 9/11: Texoma man remembers attack on 9/11

Surviving 9/11: Texoma man remembers attack on 9/11

One dark September day 15 years ago, the world stopped in shock when 2 planes hit the World Trade Center in New York.

"The next thing we heard was a bang," said Paul Ferrante, who was employed at the Pentagon when the third plane hit.

"The next thing is my boss he got up from behind his desk, went to the door to our office, opened up the door, and all we saw was just smoke bellowing down the corridor."

Ferrante was 300 feet away from where the plane struck, and says that moment still seems unreal.

"I think it hit me when we saw the actual F-16 flying over the building," Ferrante said.

He recalls watching the towers in New York as something you see on TV, not something that could really happen.

He remembers his trip home as quiet.

"Normally trains are noisy," Ferrante said.  "People are talking and whatever and you know doing stuff, but this time it was different.  People were just quiet."

He said the quietness stayed with him for days.

"Right over the farm was one of the air corridors to the international airport.  But that night it was quiet.  You didn't hear planes."

15 years later, he still remembers it like yesterday.

And he remembers the people he saw.

"I know a lot of the people that actually went to into the flames to drag people out of there," Ferrante said.  "In a lot of ways, they are the real heroes."