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Chewing Through Cash: Pest control expert offers solution for costly rodent problem

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When rats attack your vehicle it can cost you hundred to thousands of dollars. But there are steps you can take to avoid this costly problem. 

"Just reducing the population of the rodents helps a lot," David Brown, owner of Dave's Bug Pro said. 

Brown suggests reducing the population by using bait boxes. You can put a trap or poison inside.

The box is weighted and cannot be moved by a child or pet and the holes are too small for them to get into it. So, only the targeted pest will be exposed to the poison or caught by the trap.

"They will instantaneously eliminate the rats," he said. 

Other methods you can use are putting moth balls under your hood. Joshua Chennault with JC Mobile Mechanics said moth balls don't cause an odor when you start your car and will keep those critters from costing you big bucks. 

Rodent Deterrent-Tape is something you can use to wrap the wiring under your hood. It's treated with spicy capsaicin which is something these pests are not fond of.

Many viewers on our Facebook page offered tips on things they've tried from hot sauce to peppermint oil. 

Chennault also suggested putting up netting in places rodents could gain access under the hood. 

Bait boxes from Dave's Bug Pro cost around $25. If precautions like this are not taken it could cost you hundred to thousands of dollars later on. Here's a look at the original story here.

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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