Roof Collapse: Iconic restaurant in Vernon could be closing its doors

Roof Collapse: Iconic restaurant in Vernon could be closing its doors

A historic restaurant in Vernon is in jeopardy of closing its doors for good and it could be the fault of the next door neighbor.

Three Hearts Steakhouse is nearly a century old and rests among a number of buildings just like it.

People come from all over to eat at the steakhouse, but on Saturday that all changed.

"Saturday morning I got a phone call saying that the building next to mine that the roof had collapsed," said Misty Tyra owner of Three Hearts Steakhouse.  "Upon entering my building, I discovered it looked like a bomb went off."

Heavy rains forced the roof of Quality Sales to collapse.  That force tore down an adjacent wall to Three Hearts.  The only option for Tyra was to temporally close.

"Storms and tornados have torn up other parts of the city and it was very structurally sound until this," said Tyra.

Three Hearts is not the only business in trouble.  Nichole Chaney owns C&N Flowers and has been in business on the opposite side of Quality Sales for 12 years and is now concerned about her store.

"It's just a waiting game for us right now," said Chaney.

That wait comes from the owners of the quality sales who says they have no insurance.  Because of that, Tyra can't see the light of the end of the tunnel.

"It's not over, it's just a matter of how far it's going to go," said Tyra.

The amount of support from the community has kept her going through this difficult time.

I have a whole list of Facebook messages, and texts, and people that came out Saturday as they heard what can we do can we go in and start cleaning. I mean I can call any of these people now and they would be here in a heartbeat and that's good to know."

The city says that the owner of Quality Sales did not have insurance on the building, resulting on the city of Vernon to demolish the building.