Encouraging College Education

Encouraging College Education
Encouraging College Education

(Wichita Falls, TX) -- Educators from WFISD, Midwestern State and Vernon College have partnered up to help teach students the importance of a college education.

Gonzalo Robles, an educational consultant, says having a college degree makes students more marketable and gives them a greater range of career options.

A four-year degree offers graduates higher paying jobs and upper-level career positions. Researchers have learned that graduates with a college degree can earn an extra $1 million dollars over their life time earnings.

There are 17.4 million students enrolled with undergraduate programs across the country. According to Robles, deciding if they want to attend college is no longer an options, it's a necessity.

"Today more than ever post-secondary education is not an option it's a necessity for this generation of students," said Robles.

Research also shows that nearly three million more women are attending college then men. Leslie Albarabo a sophomore at M-S-U and first generation college student, says it was always in her plans to attend college.

Researchers expect salaries within the fields of accounting, finance, and marketing to rise 3.6 percent within the next year.

While most students graduate with a bachelor's degree Gonzalo says any type of degree or post-secondary education will give each student a competitive advantage in the work force.

Students who attended this event were entered for a chance to receive a $1000 scholarship to MSU or a $500 scholarship to Vernon College.

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