Voter Scams: Officials warn residents about identity theft

Voter Scams: Officials warn residents about identity theft

The Better Business Bureau is alerting people across America about a scam that could drain your bank account or even steal your identity.

"These con artists are trying to get their hands on your personal information," said Monica Horton, President of Better Business Bureau.

It happens all across America.  Residents receive an email or a phone call saying there has been an issue with their voter registration and they need to verify it by calling a number or visit a website.  Information discovered by BBB may make you want to think twice.
"They are saying that since you didn't vote last year you have to register in order to vote," said Horton.   "They tell you that your registration is about to fall off and you need to renew it and get that in place before the election."

This is how scammers can get a hold of your personal information.  Many receive an email saying to follow a link.  That link is infected with malware and can steal information like your social security number or your credit card information.

"Don't give out your social security number," said Horton.  "Do not give out your bank account information anything that is personally identifiable you want to avoid giving that out."

BBB recommends that if you ever receive a call or email saying your registration has been compromised to alert your County Clerk.

"Do not respond to requests for information or call to action where they are asking you to click on a link," said Horton.

One way to avoid having your identity stolen is to never respond to any email or phone call saying your registration is at risk.  The County Clerk's Office will never call or email you.

"consumers need to educate themselves, don't be responsive when anybody sends you an unsolicited request for your information whether it be email, phone call, mail," said Horton.  "You need to take a step back and really research that request and find out what is going on."

The Wichita County Clerk's Office says they will always mail you a voter registration card if they need verification.  They said getting this card is the only legitimate way you should ever share personal information.

BBB also wants to remind voters that the only way residents can vote is through a mail in ballot or showing up to the polls.

You cannot vote by phone.