WFISD schools could see more teachers hired if student numbers do not drop

More WFISD teachers

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The Texas Education Agency requires all kindergarten through fourth grade classrooms to not exceed a 22 students to one teacher ratio.
However the Wichita Falls Independent School District has, forcing them to potentially file 33 waivers with T.E.A. for a size exemption.
Debby Patterson, Executive Director of School Administration, said this is not uncommon.
    "We've applied for class size waivers several years," Patterson said. "We had class size waivers last year."
It's a problem that is hard to avoid.
    "The only way you can prevent this from happening is to only allow 22 students to come into that classroom," Patterson said. "Then if someone moves into that neighborhood, tell them your full and they will have to drive across town or we will drive you across town. But tell them they can't go to the school across the street. No one does that."
Most classes are only over the number by one.
However a few have exceeded it by three students, primarily at Ben Milam, Franklin and Sheppard elementary schools.
Officials are monitoring the situation to see if the numbers go down.
If not, more teachers may be needed.
Patterson wants parents to know it is a fluid situation.
    "I can already see there's three classrooms that now have already been reduced," Patterson said. "So this will change within the next two weeks before we actually then set everything in motion."
The T.E.A. requires districts to notify parents of an exception no later than a month after the exception is granted.
Patterson said deciding whether or not to hire more faculty is a judgment call and whether or not it is feasible compared to the number of excess students

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