Homecoming Business Boost

Homecoming Business

WICHITA FALLS, TX - In Texas, homecoming weekend is about more than just the football team looking good on the field. One the biggest traditions involves girls wearing mums and boys wearing garters. Those mums and garters are pretty expensive but also pretty profitable for those in the floral industry. 

Susan Powell works as a florist at United Market Street in Wichita Falls and has been making mums and garters for years. Texas is the only state she's ever made mums in. Powell wasn't born or raised south of the Red River. 

"I lived in Oklahoma and I moved here and they were like mums and I was like what is that?" said Powell. "Now I know the rest of the story."

There's a lot of money in that storied tradition. This week Powell's focus has been centered on City View High School whose homecoming game takes place Friday night when they play Paradise, Texas at 7:30. Powell said she's also preparing and creating for the other schools whose games come later in the year. 

"We're trying to incorporate all the schools so everyone can just come and you can either grab and go or we can put the trinkets on," said Powell. 

The mums or garters start around $40 but buyers can buy kits with extra bells, beads, ribbons and other trinkets. Powell said as long as those extra items are bought in store she and her assistant add them onto the mum or garter for free.

"It goes a lot faster when you have help," said Powell. 

Each individual mum or garter can take as long as two hours to make depending on how creative you want to get.