Hispanic Heritage Month: Community celebrates heritage by events across the city

"Hispanic Heritage Month: Community celebrates heritage by events across the city"

Thursday was the start of Hispanic Heritage month and organizations all across Wichita Falls are taking part.

Hispanic Heritage month started being celebrated in Wichita Falls in the early 1930's so the Mexican American Community would be able to celebrate their freedom from Mexico.

"For us it is important to celebrate," said Elsa Rueda, a member of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.  "Just to show our community how proud we are."

In the 1950's it was officially picked up by Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.

The celebrations started off with a parade in downtown Falls and wraps up in the middle of October.

One of those events is the "Fiestas Patrias Jamaica", an event to help bring the community together.

"It is a big party, we always look forward to the Jamica," said Rueda.  "Every year in the middle of September we are always looking forward to it."

The events are not only for Mexican Americans, but also the community.

"People are very happy to see this is going on in Wichita Falls," said Rueda.  "It's been going on for many years and they really enjoy it, especially the young ones.  They learn a little bit about the history of Wichita Falls."

Rueda said it is important for not only Mexican Americans to remember the importance of the month.

"The Hispanic community has been a profound influence in the country not only in Wichita falls but the country with the commitment of family, faith, hard work and of course service."

Midwestern State University is also holding events honoring Hispanic Heritage Month through mid-October.