6th and Broad Street are flood prone

6th and Broad Street are flood prone"

On Thursday, September 15, strong storms dumped more than 1.50" over parts of Wichita Falls in less than two ours. This lead to poor drainage areas to  quickly become flooded. One of these areas was 6th and Broad Street in downtown Wichita Falls.

Barbara Green, Branch Director of the Boys and Girls Club in Wichita Falls, said on Thursday the water overflowed into their parking lot along Broad Street.

She said most of the time drivers come down the hill so fast and don't realize how deep the water is. "They will hit the water, stall out and float down the street...Most smaller compact cars don't make it through. If you have a higher vehicle you can pound through it," said Green.

According to the National Weather Service, 12 inches of rain can carry away most small cars.

Russell Schreiber, the Director of Public Works for Wichita Falls, said the city is aware of about 30 poor drainage areas and has prioritized them. Schreiber also said it's going to take years to fix them and all them will paid for through the Storm Water Utility fund, just like the McNiel Drainage Project.

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