Community Building: Business opens up new escape room

Community Building: Business opens up new escape room

A new attraction in Wichita Falls has residents eager to try it out.

"You basically get put in this room and we are all shackled and locked in different places," said Henry Florsheim, President of the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce. "The siren goes off and we're instantly trying to figure out not only where we are but what has happened to us."

Wicked Andy's Halloween Shop was built not only for fun, but also team building.

"There were six of us from the chamber trying to escape from a serial killer's closet," said Florsheim.

When Florsheim and his team finished the game, he said it was the aspect of the game that made it fun.

"Some of us were shackled and some of us were locked in a cage and we all had hoods on," said Florsheim. "It's dark and it's hot and it smells bad so it's just chaos.  Different people in groups off here and off here just looking at random stuff you don't know where the clue is and you have to look at everything."

He said an escape room is a creative and new way for team building.

 "At work every day we try and solve serious problems," said Florsheim.   "This exercise was such a cool bonding experience because it is something so out of the ordinary."

Florsheim said for he and his team, the biggest struggle was the end buzzer.

"As soon as the game was over all six of us were like, 'we want to do it again.  We want to do it again right now.' It's just a cool bonding experience.  It helps people come together in a way that you wouldn't normally do in your everyday life. I think whether it's your friends, your family, or your coworkers it's a really neat experience and it's something you don't get to do every day and we're going to come back and do it again."

This is the first year for "Wicked Andy's" to have an escape room.