Wichita Falls ISD talk about overcrowding

Wichita Falls ISD talk about overcrowding
Wichita Falls ISD look to hire new teachers
Wichita Falls ISD look to hire new teachers

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) -- Wichita Falls ISD School Board began the process of resolving the issue of over-crowded classrooms at the school board meeting Monday night.

The school board gave the green light for the district to hire four new teachers and gave the approval to apply for a class size waiver allowing 33 students per teacher

The state requirement through the Texas Educational Agency is 22 students per teachers, but right now that's not the case for four elementary schools in the district

This waiver will give the board time to hire four new kindergarten teachers within the next year.

The schools affected include Ben Milam, Sheppard, Franklin and Fowler.

Ashley Thomas the Wichita Falls ISD communication officer, explained the importance of having smaller classroom sizes and the effect it can have on the learning process for younger children.

"Particularly with these grade levels being kindergarten, it's important to be able to work closer with the students and build those relationships in a smaller class size," said Thomas

Instructional teaching aides could also be brought in to help assist teachers and students in larger classrooms if needed to make sure the needs of each student continues to be met during this transitional time.

Thomas said, that once the new teachers are hired the class sizes will go back down to the state requirement.

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