See something, say something: Police want you to report suspicious activity

See something, say something: Police want you to report suspicious activity

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Following two bombings on the east coast, stabbings in Minnesota and even a shooting at an airport, many are wondering what they should do if they find themselves in a similar situation or spot something out of the norm.
Police say no suspicion is too small, and if you see something, say something.
Officer Jeff Hughes, with the Wichita Falls Police Department, said being alert and reporting things that are out of the ordinary quickly can stop these incidents from happening in the first place.
Officer Hughes said they would rather come out and find it was nothing rather than it turn out to be something dangerous that no one reported.

He adds suspicious activity is anything that you think is suspicious, like a backpack left unattended, someone pacing around a building or taking pictures of an area, anything that doesn't seem right.

"It's all about taking away the opportunity, and if we can take away the opportunity from the bad guy, then the crime can't happen," said Officer Hughes.
Officer Hughes said when you call police let them know your exact location and what is going on. Is it suspicious activity? A crime in progress?
Also, let them know the number of suspects and what they look like.

However, even if you do not have a lot of information, calling can still be useful.
"Set the phone down. Let 911 let dispatch hear exactly what's going on in the background to try and get information that way. Dispatch will guide the phone call." Officer Hughes said.
Dispatch will ask questions to get the answers they need to help first responders.

This allows them to get to you quicker and more efficiently.
What do you do if an emergency situation takes place and you're in the middle of it? Do you run? Fight back?
Officer Hughes said that question is harder to answer.
"There are going to be certain incidents where the situation is going to dictate running as a response or taking cover as a response. It's just going to depend on what the exact situation is," said Officer Hughes.
He adds the same goes for an active shooter scenario.

It depends where the shooter is, how many there are and what you know.
Officer Hughes said to ask yourself, "Do you know enough about the situation to know that you can flee to safety, or do you not know enough where fleeing may increase your risk of being injured?" 
Even though it is hard to pinpoint what an exact response should be, Officer Hughes recommends to be alert, aware and do whatever you need to do to remain safe.

He said even though these incidents took place in larger cities, they can happen anywhere, and Wichita Falls is no exception.
Officer Hughes said while WFPD never knows what the next call will bring, one thing they are sure of is that they are ready to handle any situation.

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