Intersection Safety Tips

Intersection Safety Tips
Car wreck at intersection on Kell East
Car wreck at intersection on Kell East

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) -- Police officers across the country do their best each year to enforce driver safety, but still 1.3 million drivers die in road crashes each year. Forty percent of car accidents across the country happen at intersections.

Last year, there were more than 2,700 reported car accidents in Wichita Falls.

Seven of those were deadly.

Wichita Falls Police want to make sure you are taking a few extra steps when behind the wheel.

Officer Jeff Hughes said -- It start by making sure the intersection is clear, even when it's your time to go.

"If you have a green-light make sure you're looking around look both ways before you actually enter that intersection. Make sure the intersection is safe to enter. Look for someone trying to run a red light from the other direction. Don't always assume because you have the green-light it's safe to go," said Officer Hughes.

Not doing so could slow you down even more.

When it comes to top accident locations in Wichita Falls, locations include Lawrence Road near Walmart and intersections crossing Kemp or Kell Boulevard

Police said a driver tried to run a red light yesterday at McNeil and Kell East. Which injured three people and ejected a toddler from one of the vehicles.

Officer Hughes says it's important to remember when the light is yellow that doesn't mean you step on the gas.

Lights at intersections aren't the only thing drivers should be looking for. Signs such as Stop and Yield are also important to preventing accidents when merging with oncoming traffic.

Officer Hughes said, "If it's clear proceed cautiously. Traffic is coming you do need to stop and allow the traffic to clear for you can continue on. So it's not necessarily a stop sign but it does mean that you have to stop if traffic is coming."

Police also emphasize the importance of wearing a seat belt properly, because doing so could just save your life.

Also always be alert behind the wheel and giving yourself plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you.

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