Car Theft On The Rise In The Falls

Car Theft On The Rise In The Falls

The Wichita Falls Police Department wants residents to be aware of what they are calling a rash increase in car burglaries. According to WFPD Public Information Officer Brandi Young, the majority of these car thefts are taking place in residential drive ways and apartment parking lots. 

"We're looking at about close to thirty burglaries in September of Vehicles, about half of those have taken place in an apartment complex," said Officer Young.

The WFPD's "Crime Free Multi-Housing Program" is aimed at making properties safer by helping property owners gain better control over exit and entrance points on the apartments as well as making sure they are well lit during dark hours. Officer Young said that there is only so much that the WFPD and the complex can do to make sure the property is a safe place. 

"They make their property as safe as they can but it's up to the residents that live on these properties to lock their car take the things out of it and to make sure that they don't leave things in sight for people to see," said Officer Young. 

That's why the WFPD is advising locals to "Take, Lock, & Hide" when every you leave your vehicle. 

"Take your keys lock your car and hide your belongings. so we tell people that if you leave something in your car put it under the seat or in the trunk so that it is not visible," said Officer Young. 

Be aware of your surroundings and know what is going on if you see something in your neighborhood or apartment complex call 911 or Wichita Falls Crime Stoppers (940) 322-9888 to make a report.  

"You have to take the opportunity away from the criminal because if the opportunity presents itself the criminal is going to take action," said Officer Young. 

There are "Take, Lock, & Hide" signs that the WFPD can personally deliver to any property or neighborhood, however they do cost $7 but delivery is free. 

Jack Carney Newschannel 6