Y-Minute: Boot Camp and 5K

Y-Minute: Boot Camp and 5K

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The YMCA is looking to increase their community outreach by hosting a five week boot camp but it's not your average boot camp.

On Monday September 26, the first session of boot camp will begin at the downtown Y.

The boot camp will run through October 27 on Monday through Thursday nights.

Fitness Instructor Megan Gibson and Aquatics Director Lisa Nix are the organizers behind the idea and say it was a way to blend fitness with fellowship.

"This was one of her goals. She wanted to set forth and provide the members of the community of Wichita Falls with an exciting event led by four separate fitness instructors really giving you the best quality that we can give you as far as fitness. And at the same time get a group of members together to have a fun and exciting time," said Gibson.

Gibson and Nix say to make it even more interesting, they'll be doing theme nights every week.

"There's going to be a different theme each week so on that Thursday you'll come dressed up. We'll have breast cancer awareness week, glow with the flow which we'll black out the basketball gym and everyone can bring glow sticks," said Nix.

Other themes include an 80's night and superhero night.

On the last day of boot camp, there will be a superhero 5k at the downtown Y.

Gibson and Nix hope this gets the community excited and leads to future events.

"There's been other themes leading up to December, the goal is to hopefully have a Holiday Hustle which is another 5k. But with the expansion of the Capital Campaign, this is our opportunity to really show the community what the YMCA can offer," Gibson said.

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