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Fallstown Boxing rising the popularity of the sport in Wichita Falls

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Wichita Falls is getting on the map, not for football or basketball, but amateur boxing.
October 1st and 2nd the city will host the Red River Invitational, a big two day tournament.
It's in it's third year, and it just keeps growing.
    "Every year it's been growing," Emmanuel Carrillo, Sr., an assistant coach for Fallstown Boxing, said. "It's a learning process for us because as we're getting more and more attention, especially nationally, were having so many people reach out to us."
It is expected to bring over 400 boxers to Wichita Falls.
    "I think the whole team's success is bringing a lot more popularity," Carrillo, Sr. said. "Your starting to hear about Fallstown Boxing in Wichita Falls, Texas throughout the boxing community. And that's a big deal."
When Newschannel 6 talked to his son, Emmanuel Carrillo, Jr. back in June, the top amateur boxer in the state of Texas, he attributed his success, along with the team's, to his father.
    "He's my biggest inspiration," Carrillo, Jr. said. "He is the one that got me started in this. He's my dad, my coach and teaches me everything about life and boxing."
Boxers like Lathum Deluna are noticing the sport growing.
    "It's growing," Deluna said. "We have people coming from all over. Coming from Holliday just trying to see if they like boxing. And that's good."
Fallstown boxing has brought seven championship titles back to the Falls.
Brenda Jarrett, the Founding Director of the Youth Opportunities Center, where the team trains, said the members of the team are as strong outside of the ring, as they are in it.
    "We've been here 22 years and we've had boxing about 18 of the 22," Jarrett said. "They have never had a group of young kids like this."
She said the boxing boom is turning into a knockout for the city, too.
    "We are bringing individuals from across America to Wichita Falls to stay in our hotels, to eat in our restaurants and shop in our shops," Jarrett said. "And I really want the world to know that. We've finally made it."
The bouts will held at the Stone Palace Events Center downtown.
Tickets are $8 to the general public.
Bouts will begin at 2 p.m. on Saturday, October 1st and 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 2nd.

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