Popular Fall Plants

Popular Fall Plants

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - With fall officially underway, it's time to replace the summer plants with fall ones.

Cabbage, ornamental cabbage, and kale are very popular fall plants. "Crotons are also really great. Crotons are going to have those great fall colors. You can put them on your porch or you can use them as house plants," Michael Fiore, a manager at Smith's Gardentown.

As the weather gets a little cooler pansies are going to become more popular. "Pansies will go from fall all the way through winter and into spring. They can actually bloom all the way through that time because they are very cold tolerant," said Fiore.

Fall plants typically like the cooler weather and can tolerate a light frost or freeze. Some can even survive a freeze. Summer plants are more drought resistant and like the hotter weather.

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