How to keep intruders out by securing your home

How to keep intruders out by securing your home

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Wichita Falls Police are looking for a man involved in an aggravated robbery.
The incident happened in the 1500 block of Monroe Thursday morning.
Police said a man and woman were in a bedroom when the suspect walked into the room with a baseball bat and demanded money.
The victim's 13 -year-old son said he was catching the bus at the time of the robbery.

He said now it is hard to sleep because he knows this can actually happen, or possibly something worse.
Another man who stays at the house said when he got the call about the incident he felt bad he could not do anything at that time.
Police said there were no signs of forced entry.
"If there's any place in the world that you should feel comfortable, you should feel safe at your home, and when someone violates that safety, I can imagine it being very traumatic," said Sergeant Harold McClure, with the Wichita Falls Police Department.

He said there are a number of ways to secure your home. Like locking your doors and windows, having outside lights, leaving a light on inside your home and knowing your neighbors.
"If you do not get to know who lives around you, then you don't have someone looking out for you and you're not looking out for them," said Sergeant McClure.

He adds neighborhood watch programs play a big role in home safety.
Including Next Door, which is a way neighbors can keep in touch online.
In Wichita Falls about 100 are set up and have 3,500 members. Police can also communicate with those who are on the site.

Sergeant McClure said they would rather be safe than sorry, so if you see something suspicious give them a call, and wants to remind people what's suspicious in one neighborhood is not necessarily suspicious in another. Like seeing a lot of teenagers walking down the street.

One thing that he is sure of, "I'm definitely an advocate for you to have the right to protect your home. You have a right to protect your family, you have a right to protect your property," said Sergeant McClure.
However, he also said you can start by protecting the outside of your home, and buying window looks can help.

Kaleb Laughlin, a manager at Sutherlands, said window and patio door locks are easy to use.
"Put them at the bottom of the rotating or sliding pane of the door or window. So, that window can't be slid to be open from someone who was trying to get into the house," said Laughlin.
Sergeant McClure said to make sure they are not too tight, so you can unscrew them if you need to exit through the window.
Another tip, use screws about 3 to 3 ½ inches long, instead of nails for door frame hardware.
Laughlin said longer screws are going to grip into the wood a whole lot better. That way if someone tries to jiggle the door loose or kick it in, they will most likely hold than rip out like a normal door frame with shorter nails or shorter screws in it.
Laughlin said usually nails are used in the initial installment of doors, but you can always go back and add screws into the second stud.

"Once you go into the door frame and into those studs, you're going to have more leverage being attached to both of those studs," said Laughlin.
He adds lights can also be used to scare intruders off, to let them know you are aware and someone will see them. 
Sergeant McClure wants to remind people that home robberies are not on the rise, but people should always protect their homes.
He said when it comes to what you need to do in a home robbery, it depends on the situation and person.

However, but one thing is for sure, you choose to protect your family, calling 911 is a must to get the police there as soon as possible.

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