Community comes together to raise money for shooting victims

Community comes together to raise money for shooting victims

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Members of the community came together Saturday morning to raise money for the families of Lauren Landavazo and Makayla Smith.

Both were shot while walking home from school on September 2nd. Lauren died from her injuries and Makayla was hospitalized.

Three weeks later a 5K & Zumbathon benefit event was put on to raise money for their families.

"I think you know when tragedy strikes and families are going through a hard time you know it's just important for us to be there to support them in the ways that we can," Andrew Bell, a 5K participant said.

Special Events Coordinator, Laci Edwards, said the event was put together in two weeks. An event like this normally takes at least six months to plan.

"No matter what obstacles we encounter. No matter what bumps and bruises we get along the way this community shows up. That shows to me that we really have done it right," she said.

Volunteers lined the 5K track with signs of inspiration. Walgreens on Southwest Parkway, Kocks Liquor, Home Depot and El Sancho Mexican Restaurant in Iowa Park helped with various items needed for the event.

"It doesn't help you completely forget what happened, but it does show we're here to support you, we care about you," North Texas Mustangs volunteer, Kenon Lawry said.

While the atmosphere was vibrant thoughts of Lauren and Makayla and their families were on everyone's mind.

"I want them to know for one I love them. I've been praying for them. I know that the community of Wichita Falls has been praying for them and we stand behind them 100-percent," zumba participant Claudia Huerta said.

All proceeds from Saturday's benefit are going to the Landavazo and Smith families.

If you'd like to donate to the families here are links to the Landavazo and Smith gofundme pages.

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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