MSU 2016 Presidential Debate watch party

MSU 2016 Presidential Debate watch party

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Midwestern State University's Political Science Department held a Presidential Debate Watch Party at the Prothro-Yager building Monday night.

Many of the students who attended to tune into the debate said the face-off turned out how they thought it would.

"The debate has been exactly what I expected it to be, a lot of drama between the two candidates," said Bryanna Masella, Democrat.

Courtney Kohl, an Independent voter, said she knew the candidates would take a lot of jabs at each other as they went over the issues.

One thing many students agreed one, was that Donald Trump was a little more reserved than usual. "I think he has been (more reserved). I mean partly because it's not a primary, he doesn't have to be as radical to stand out," said Luke Allen, an undecided voter.

Matthew Mannering, a Republican, said he expected Trump to be calmer, but still saw him taking little digs at Hillary Clinton.

Kohl said even though Trump is being reserved, his facial expressions said a lot.

Some said they are expecting Trump to "say how it is" like he normally does.

As for Clinton's honesty and if she is coming off genuine, students had various opinions.

Whitney Atkinson, a Democrat, said she does respect and trust Clinton.

However, Mannering is not buying it, and said she is just coming off as "Hillary."

"It's like her clown costume she puts on whenever she talks. I just can't take her seriously," said Mannering.

Masella said she does feel like Clinton is being honest and genuine. "Especially how she owns up to how she did wrong with the emails," said Masella.

She adds, you just never know with politics though.

Others said it is hard to tell.

Although many MSU students already have their minds up on who they are voting for, some do feel the first debate can sway voters either way.

"I know that a lot of my friends that are on the fence right now are watching it, and I think this definitely shows the (candidate's) true colors," said Atkinson.

Kohl said for those Republican and Democrats who are on the fence after this first debate it might be easier for both candidates to win over those voters.

Going into Monday night's debate the candidates were neck and neck, and some students said after the showdown, a change in the polls may be seen.

"I think it's going to move the points a little bit. However, I don't think you're going to see a major five-point gain, but you never know," said Mannering.

"I think tonight is really going to be the deciding point where people realize the policies that each person has and where that may lead the country," said Atkinson.

Allen said even if the polls change he does not think they will predict the outcome.

Either way, these MSU students said it's going to continue to be a close race.
Next Tuesday, the Vice Presidential candidates, Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Tim Kaine, will have their debate, and on Sunday October 9th, the second Presidential Debate will be held.

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