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Wichita Falls flooding affecting families

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The flooding is not just affecting businesses. 
It is also touching people on a personal level.
Newschannel 6 was able to talk with a local resident that might have to move out of their apartment.
Keely Guth experienced flooding last weekend inside her apartment that led to standing water above her feet.
Now she and her boyfriend have to adjust to different plans.
Guth said she hopes her complex moves her soon for the safety of herself, boyfriend and animals.
    "Hopefully were going to get moved into another apartment," Guth said. "There kind of making us wait. But were going to try to talk to somebody about it because I am already getting stuffed up from everything. We can't live here that long."
The water was wall to wall in her apartment.
We contacted local service companies and they said issues like this need to be addressed as soon as possible and they have seen a huge spike in calls.
Service Master said you want to make sure your flood insurance is up-to-date in case of situations like this, especially if you live in an area that floods regularly.

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