Praying for Peace

Rider arrive in D.C.
The men will travel 40 days horseback
The men will travel 40 days horseback

Pastor John Riggs left the falls forty days ago and has successfully arrived in Washington D.C. on Monday.
His crew made the entire journey on horseback and received a police escort of sorts as officers guided the riders as they arrived. He hoped to revive peace and share his message with churches along the way.

Pastor Riggs and fellow riders begin their journey in Texas and travel through eight states, with the goal of arriving at the nation's capital the day prior to the presidential election.

"The Ride: 40-Day Call to Revival", included riders from Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.

"For us to change the things in our culture that are heading in a direction away from God, it has to start today with the church in America," said Riggs.

The Ride is something Riggs has been wanting to do and hopes the journey leaves and impact on churches throughout the country.

Pastor Riggs is planning on departing tomorrow around 10am from the Fisher Road exit off of Highway 287 and is open to anyone who would like to send there well wishes.

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