WFISD on campus security

WFISD on campus security

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Reports of a sexual assault on a Wichita Falls Independent School District campus has some parents concerned about their child's safety.
Ashley Thomas, WFISD Public Information Officer, said they do have a number of safety precautions in place, and want to assure parents this is an isolated incident.

Thomas said security officers, cameras and administrators monitor the students throughout the day.

"We don't want parents to feel like their children are not safe. Our administration and teachers do a great job of monitoring what's going on at the schools," said Thomas.
Thomas adds on campus police officers are at the middle schools and high schools.
WFISD also has security cameras on every campus, and administrators have access to the footage in order to monitor what goes on in the hallways and outside of the schools.
Although someone does not monitor the surveillance video all day, the feed is ongoing and administrators always have access to review it.
Thomas said cameras are not in every building or around every corner, but they are in most of the high traffic areas.
Teachers also monitor the hallways throughout the school day, and faculty members keep track of when a student leaves the classroom, when they return and make sure they go directly where they say they are going.
However, Thomas said cameras and teachers cannot have their eyes on every student at all times, but adds those who handled the on-campus sexual assault that took place at Hirschi on September 6th handled the situation properly.
Thomas said the district wants parents to know they do have precautions in place and are doing what they can to help prevent incidents like the one at Hirschi from happening.

Many parents said they notice this and feel the district is doing a good job.
Leslie Rea said she trusts the district, and when other incidents have happened in the past they handled it well.
"I felt very confident that WFISD was taking care of my girls," said Rea.
She said that is an important feeling to have, "Because we are trusting them with our children, and with the security, with the cameras, I think they're doing a great job," said Rea.
Another mother Belinda Puente's said even the security to enter the school is tight.
"They always have security cops around. They're always stopping you all the time to make sure you sign in, and wear your name tag. They want to know where you're going all the time," said Puente.

The district wants parents to know if they have any concerns or questions about their child's safety to give them a call.
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