Car Buyers Beware

Car Buyers Beware

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Just days after the heavy rains and flooding in Wichita Falls car insurance agents are warning potential car buyers to be weary of the purchases they make in the coming weeks and months. One of the biggest problems for car buyers following a flooding event is purchasing a flood damaged vehicle without even knowing it. 

"People need to careful when buying used vehicles in the months following a flooding event in their area. Especially from an individual who may not disclose the flood damage that was done to the vehicle which may not have been repaired properly," said State Farm Insurance Agent Tim Short. 

While there are resources like CarFax that can check the history of a vehicle there are still other signs that car buyers should look for even if they are not experts under the hood. Robbie Taylor of All American Car Wash & Lube said that the engine should look fairly dry even a little dusty. 

"If it has been flooded you'll be able to tell where the water has gone across it and it'll leave water stains all over the plastic parts and the metal parts will start to rust," said Taylor. 

It's not a bad idea to take a second look and ask to inspect the air filter for the vehicle.

"If it is wet that is bad, if it looks like it has been wet then you probably don't want to waste your money in investing in that vehicle. Just look at another one, it should be dry as paper," said Taylor. 

If you want to make sure there is not water in the engine Taylor said to check the dipstick to look for any signs of dilution.

"If you pull the engine oil dip stick you want the level to be in-between the low and the full marks but if it is way over full and it looks milky it's most likely water inside the motor," said Taylor. 

All American said if you're buying a car in the near future they would be happy to give the vehicle a quick overview whether you're buying from an individual seller or a dealer.