Celebrating Caribbean History

Celebrating Caribbean History

Midwestern State University is celebrating 25 years since the arrival of the first 2 Caribbean Students.

Caribbean Government Officials visited campus for the first time Thursday to celebrate the relationship between the university and the Caribbean.

MSU first welcomed Caribbean students in 1991, and 25 years later that number keeps growing.

"I enjoy the intimate nature of the campus," said Michael Browne, Minister of Education and Technology.   "I do enjoy the family and the atmosphere it's created." 
Officials were invited to become familiar with the campus along with international procedures, like admission and financial aid.

"It speaks to the scholarship and tuition that students receive here at MSU," said Browne.  "It also speaks a lot to what evolves over time." 
Officials also interacted with students that their countries have studying in Wichita Falls.

"The university is known by its alumni," said Browne.  "I think looking at the alum and the extent of how far they have reached in their career and their profession the contribution they make to national development it's the best advertisement the university can get as graduates."

The group will also take part in CaribFest, an event created to combine Caribbean Culture and MSU. 
"That speaks volumes that the Caribbean nationals have infused Texan culture," said Browne.  "It also speaks volumes to the extent that the Texan culture has infused the Caribbean nationals so that is very good." 
Browne said that while he is in Texas, he is ready to try some new things.

"Everything in Texas is always bigger than the rest of the states," said Browne.  "Being a former New Yorker, I do look forward to the barbeque but don't tell anybody." 
CaribFest will kick off Thursday night and will end Saturday afternoon with a parade.

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