Archery hunting season set to begin

Archery hunting season set to begin

The archery hunting season begins this Saturday, October 1st. But, before you harvest your first deer you're going to need and know a few things.

"The first thing one will have to have is a license from the state of Texas and it must have an archery endorsement on it," said Roger Kroes, the President of the Northwest Texas Field and Stream Association. Kroes also went on to say people should pick up a copy of the Outdoor Annual because it has all the hunting rules and regulations in it.

There are four different types of bows that are legal for hunting: log bow, recurve bow, compound bow and crossbow. The crossbow is legal in all but four counties in Texas.

There are also arrow regulations. "The arrow distance across the tip must be at least 7/8th of an inch," said Kroes.

He also said you need to know the rating of the shaft. The rating of the shaft must be at least the rating of the bow. If the bow has a rating of 60 pounds than the shaft should have a rating of 60 pounds.

Kroes also says you should always keep your arrow points covered. You can either use a mounted or traditional quiver to do so.

By law you're only allowed to harvest five deer a year, that covers all the hunting seasons. Out of that five, only two can be bucks, and not all bucks can be hunted.

"A legal deer constitutes a measurement inside the main antlers of 13 inches... One quick way to tell in the field is to look at the width of the ears. If the horns are outside the width of the ears chances are it's going to be above 13 inches," said Kroes.

Since we've had two good years of rain, this season will probably be a very good deer year.

Kroes wants to remind everyone that with all forms of hunting education is required. Also, he said the deer must be tagged immediately upon the kill and the date must but cut out of the tag.

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