Camp Fire Tradition

Camp Fire Tradition
Camp Fire kids enjoying face painting fun
Camp Fire kids enjoying face painting fun

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) -- Camp Fire has over 100 years of leadership and tradition. Teachers and mentors continue to build generations of good citizens and for some families Camp Fire is a family tradition.

Connie Pollard, the Program Director of Camp Fire North Texas is the second of four generations of Camp Fire kids.

Pollard said her mother, daughter and grandchildren have all been a part of the program.

"It's hard to find the words to describe what Camp Fire means to me, but these kids make it special," said Pollard.

Camp Fire celebrated Family Fun Night with games, face painting and fall foods. Executive Director Bettye Ricks said when former Campfire Kids come to visit it always makes here smile.

Ricks said, former Camp Fire kids are coming with their own children now that were in the program years ago.

"It makes me feel old," Ricks laughed

For Camp Fire mentors, they said the best part of being a mentor is being a role model to younger children.

Current camp fire kids and their families greatly appreciated all that the organization has done for children throughout the community.

Bettye said it's all about helping the children grow and pursue their dreams.

"It doesn't matter what their background is I try to teach them that thing and do what they want to in life," said Ricks

If you are interested in joining Camp Fire click here.

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