Holder's Hideaway: Red River Hot Dogs

Holder's Hideaway: Red River Hot Dogs

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - "People know when the umbrella goes up, the fires on and the dogs are cooking," Brian Lemmond, owner of Red River Hot Dogs, said.

Lemmond has been grilling hot dogs a little over a year now after he decided to leave his old job at Sheppard Air Force Base to start his own business.

"I got an idea, most things start from an idea. My mom asked me the best question anybody did while I was in the process of deliberating whether or not I wanted to do it. She said why not? And I couldn't come up with a legitimate why not," Lemmond said.

Since June of 2015, you may have seen Red River Hot Dogs set up across Wichita Falls and Wichita County.

Tuesday through Sunday you'll find Red River Hot Dogs in parking lots across the city.

"It's a really good hot dog. It's got a good bun to it, the chili and everything is really good. I see him out here all the time so I appreciate him out here in the heat so I thought I'd come by and you know show him some support," said Emilio Zuniga, a customer.

His most popular location is on Old Jacksboro Highway by United Supermarkets but sets up at other various businesses.

The best way to find him is on Red River Hot Dogs.com Facebook page that Lemmond updates everyday with his location.

Red River Hot Dogs serves two sizes of hot dogs and has his trailer stocked full of toppings.

He also serves frito chili pie including a tailgate special frito chili pie that can feed six.

Whatever your order, there's a good chance Lemmond may already remember it.

"I know as much about people and what they want on their hotdog as I do about them. Some people I don't even know their name but they walk up and I can tell you what they want on their hotdogs," said Lemmond.

And as I found out, he's not afraid to poke a little fun at you as well.

"That's really about the only thing that's shut me down is wind and rain. So as a Meteorologist I blame you," said Lemmond.