Kemp Center For The Arts Display Mystery Works

Kemp Center For The Arts Display Mystery Works

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The Mystery Art Festival hosted by the Kemp Center for the Arts gives Texomans a chance to bid on works by both amateurs and professionals for as a low as $35 dollars.

While the works are displayed, the names are kept a secret until the 21st of October when the art will be awarded to the highest bidders.

"Well you know, to sell 248 pieces in a 30-day period is pretty impressive," said Carol Sales, Director for the Kemp Center for The Arts.

Over 174 artists between the ages of 4 and 98 are taking part in the event. When people enter the gallery, they can make a base bid of $35 for a piece that catches their eye. The bids can reach as high as $125. If someone wants to bid more, the works are taken to auction.

Sales said all of the money made goes directly to the artist.

"That's the fun part is that it is unbiased and everyone is on the same playing field," said Sales.

Sales says some of the best art is produced by amateurs. Just like their art, no artist's story is the same. Sales tells the story of one of the gallery's annual contributors.

"He works at Walmart and what he does to give him peace and for fun is art and he was so ecstatic about his self achievement," said Sales.

You can view the works on display in the gallery by clicking HERE! Click HERE to learn hours and upcoming events for the Kemp Center for the Arts.