Credit Union hopes pink “T” reminds public of work to be done

Credit Union hopes pink “T” reminds public of work to be done

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and that means people are painting the town pink, well maybe not the town, but every year Texoma Community Credit Union paints the “T” in front of their locations pink.
Texoma Credit Union hopes their pink “T” will remind people that both more funding and research is needed.

“We have donation jars inside our lobbies here and at the Sheppard location. When you go into our lobby, we will have lots of information on cancer awareness, prevention, detection. We really want people to not only be aware but take it into action and do something that is going to improve their health,” said Lauren McKechnie, Marketing Director at Texoma Community Credit Union.

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - "When you donate $5 or more you get a free pink ribbon lapel pin. Of course, ANY and ALL money we receive will be donated to charity - divided between ACS and Susan G. Komen," said McKechnie.

The two signs on Southwest Parkway and near Sheppard will remain pink until the end of October.

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