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Police arrest two after disturbance on Baltimore

(Source: KAUZ) (Source: KAUZ)

Wichita Falls police responded to reports of a shooting on Baltimore road during early morning hours on Tuesday.
Officers were called out to the 2800 block of Baltimore road at just before 7a.m. on Tuesday after neighbors reported hearing three gunshots.

Officers said there were three people at the scene, one male, and two females. They waiting in the front yard of the home when officers arrived.
Police said a handgun was also recovered in the front yard along with at least one bullet casing.
Officers later arrested Latasha Clark for open warrants and a failed id charge.
They also arrested Ladonna Worthy for disorderly conduct and discharge of a firearm.

Police said Worthy and the male were in the process of moving into the house, there was an argument, and worthy fired at least one round into the ground.

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