Take, Lock and Hide: Police give tips on how to keep your belongings safe

Take, Lock and Hide: Police give tips on how to keep your belongings safe

Holiday season is just around the corner, and Wichita Falls Police said keeping crooks out of your car is preventable. 
Officer Timothy Johnson said one of the biggest problems they see is people leaving valuables in their cars, with the doors unlocked.

"It only takes a few seconds once they get in there to take what they want and get out," said Timothy Johnson, Officer with Wichita Falls Police.

"We sort of check our surroundings going on before we get out," said Jimmy Lindsey, a resident of Burkburnett.  "Then we get out and lock the door."

Officers say when you leave your vehicle to take your keys, lock your door, and hide any belongings.

"Burglars will go into the larger parking lots," said Johnson. "They may just walk through the parking lot looking into windows and seeing if they can open a car door."
Criminals are out to steal purses, stereos, wallets and guns. 
Last year, 16 guns were stolen from cars, all of them were unlocked.

Officers say when you are in a parking lot, the most important thing is to lock your car door.

"It only takes a few minutes if you have a firearm to take it inside and lock it up," said Johnson. "Secure it inside your residence, because sometimes that may be what they are looking for." 
The best way to do that is, to hide any large valuables like televisions or computers, lock your doors and always be aware of what others around you are doing.

"You may not think anything of it because there are so many people and so many vehicles they may think this person just can't locate their car or they are getting into their car and they may not think anything of it," said Johnson.

"If anything looks suspicious, I will go back into the store a lot of times," said Ginette Lindsey, a who lives in Burkburnett.  "Just to make sure no one is following me."
Officer Johnson wants everyone to remember that when you leave to go into a store or even your home, to "Take, Lock, and Hide."

"Just a few minutes out of your time that can save you a lot of heartache and trouble," said Johnson. 
Police recommend that if you do make any large purchases this holiday season, to take those home before continuing to shop.

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