Falls Town Food Truck Challenge & Festival

Falls Town Food Truck Challenge & Festival Begins Saturday

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The First Annual Falls Town Food Truck Challenge begins at 11 in the morning on Saturday October 8th in downtown Wichita Falls. The event is being hosted by the Lions Club of Wichita Falls as a way to help benefiting Downtown Development Projects. There will be live music to dance to provided by Iron Horse Pub and fun family activates like open air wrestling provided by the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame who is partnering with the Lions Club to host the event. 

Over 30 trucks will be taking part in the free event by parking off eighth street and dishing out their best to those who show up ready to chow down. 
"We've got food ranging from full blow Cajun food Mexican food BBQ traditional you just name it we have it along with lots and lots of desserts," said Jon Reese of the Lions Club. 

The idea for a food truck festival was borrowed from the nearby Texoma town of Graham who host a Food Truck Championship. 

"It's a wonderful event it does a lot for our tax base," said Graham native and food truck owner Bob Bratcher. 

Bratcher plans to take part in Saturdays event he owns Daddy Bob's BBQ food truck and serves in both Graham and Wichita Falls. Like Bratcher Reese believes that the event could have a positive economic impact on Wichita Falls especially in the downtown area where the festival is taking place. 

"We can do it if we just all come together" said Reese.

You can learn more about the completely free Falls Food Truck Challenge and Festival by clicking HERE!