Better Business Bureau of North Texas warn consumers of an old scam with a new twist

A new twist on a classic scam is putting some Texomans out hundreds of dollars.

The tech support scam has been around for years, but now scammers are targeting iPhone users.

It starts with a phone call from someone claiming to be a third party working with Apple saying there has been suspicious activity with your account and the support team is going to help fix it, but they will need your credit card or bank account information.

The Better Business Bureau of North Texas encourage Texomans to think again.

"Consumers lose a lot of money every year due to this scam," said Monica Horton, President of BBB of North Texas.  "They prey on our fears that we have something wrong with our technology."

Scammers will most likely call from a "1-800" number and will encourage you to stay on the line to gather more information.

"You want to verify that the caller is who they say they are," said Horton.  "Regardless of the reason why they are calling."

Scammers will send a text message telling you to call them immediately in order to fix the problem.  Calling the scammer back will only make it worse.

"Don't call back," said Horton.  "Do not respond to it. If the crooks think there is a remote chance that you are going to fall for something, they are going to continue to harass you."

Horton said the best thing to do is to trust your gut.

"It is perfectly fine to step away from that phone call," said Horton "Discontinue that phone call and then use a number that you have for financial institution or tech support for your electronic device. Use the number that you have and call them back."

If you are a victim of this scam or any other scams, BBB recommends you report it as soon as possible.