Playground dreams coming true in Newcastle

Playground dreams coming true in Newcastle

NEWCASTLE, TX (KAUZ) - A boy from Newcastle is seeing his dream of having a well-equipped park come to life after fundraising for more than two years.

"We have purchased the equipment. We have got the landscape timbers. They're at city hall waiting to be put out. So, we're just waiting on the equipment now," Newcastle Mayor, Gina Maxwell said.

The multi-unit playground will have two slides and monkey bars among other things.

"I wasn't there when Gina ordered it, but she told me at a football game and I was so happy," Cole Phillips said.

A slide is something Cole saw was missing from his city park several years ago. So, he began fundraising with the help of Maxwell and many others and managed to raise roughly $23,000.

"It's humbling. I've been humbled at the response of not only Newcastle but the surrounding communities," Maxwell said.

The new equipment will be going on the east side of the park between the old swing sets and a small pavilion.

"I'm just so grateful," Phillips said.

Maxwell said the equipment could get there as early as Halloween. But, the full project, with donor monuments and a memorial bench, will likely not be complete until the city's Christmas in the Park event.

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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