Wichita Falls Fire Department Takes Part In National Fire Prevention Week

Wichita Falls Fire Department Takes Part In National Fire Prevention Week

WICHITA FALLS, TX - National Fire Prevention Week runs from October 9th through October 15th. On Tuesday the Wichita Falls Fire Department teamed up with the National Fire Protection Association and a pizza place to help promote fire safety in homes. 

"We're partnering with Domino's this year Domino's is partnering with the national fire protection association during the week of fire prevention," said Wichita Falls Fire Marshal David Collins. 

On Tuesday night those who ordered their pizza from Domino's off Burkburnett Road in Wichita Falls had a chance to earn a free pizza delivered if their smoke detectors were working an operational. The WFFD drove out to the locations and tested the detectors inside the home. If the detectors were not working properly the WFFD was ready to install fire detectors inside of the home that ordered. 

"The thing that we want to do is to ensure that everyone does have working smoke detectors in their home if you have them in your home test them on a monthly basis to ensure they are still functioning properly," said Fire Marshal Collins.

For Fire Marshal Collins fire prevention is a year round job but he's happy to remind residents to stay safe. Fire Marshal Collins said residents should make sure they have a detector inside every bedroom of a home. You can learn more ways to keep your home fire safe by checking out the NFPA Fire Safety Week website by clicking HERE!